Who inspects your pool? A critical choice

Before closing you need to know everything about the pools structure and equipment. A thorough inspection will empower a potential buyer to make an educated decision and provide a seller with a list of items they can expect, no surprises. When choosing a home inspector look for someone trained by the PHTA.org. The phta is the industry leader when it comes to the education of pool professionals. At Downsco not only are we phta certified, we actually teach the cpo class to pool professionals. Why is this important? Pools may look like they are just holes filled with water, But they are actually pretty complex. Don’t count on just any Home inspector, look for someone trained by the PHTA. Always ask for credentials.

An inspection will determine if a pool complies with New Hampshire pool and hot tub regulations. He or she will need to be well versed in NH state codes along with how to inspect the complex mechanicals.  Some wear on a pool may be easy to see,most are not going to be found by a novice.  A trained inspector will know what to look for as far as pool deterioration. For instance your inspector will identify and assess issues that may have been caused by the pool disinfectant delivery system. Does the pool heater have a cupro nickel coated heat exchanger? Because if the chlorine delivery is a saline pool system this is a key factor to the longevity of the system. The salt may be eating away at the heat exchanger among other items. while its commonly believed that saline systems are chlorine free……that’s incorrect.  A pool saline system is just another way to deliver chlorine to the body of water. Have questions? give us a call we are happy to help, its what we do.

Jim Downs

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